Help From QDMA

What Can QDMA Help With?

The QDMA has developed numerous partnerships with state wildlife agencies, timber companies, hunting groups, and product manufacturers. These partnerships have increased both the awareness of the QDMA and participation in the Association’s management philosophy, Quality Deer Management (QDM). Without question, the QDMA is rapidly becoming the most respected and influential white-tailed deer organization in the United States.

What Can WCWB Help With?

The WCWB is the QDMA representative in your area. We live and work in the same communities as you do, so we understand the questions and concerns you have. Please contact the WCWB with any questions you may have regarding deer, habitat, hunters, etc. and we will use our expertise and extensive professional contacts to provide you with the right answers and solutions.

From help on setting up a QDM Co-op, to speaking to a school group about deer and deer issues, to concerns about the current hunters on your property, please give the WCWB the opportunity to help you.

Education is one of the main pillars of QDMA. We enjoy any opportunity to speak to your Community, HOA, school, conservation group, etc. about QDMA and why its methods, backed by biology and science, can be successfully applied in your area.